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Arrington Lumber and Pallet

Arrington Lumber and Pallet


This week in our series highlighting local business partners we would like to highlight a company that has been in the business since 1963- Arrington Lumber and Pallet. They are a family-owned and operated company that produces wooden pallets and cross ties in Texas. They also handle logistics and shipping across the USA. Not only do they have an A+ customer service rating out of their Jacksonville location, but their team is passionate about what they do.


In the early days of the company, they hand-built pallets and were capable of a full truckload of pallets each week sent out across the USA. Since the year 2016, the company has expanded its capabilities, modernized its equipment, and significantly streamlined its operations to offer more to its customers.

Like us they are Members of some Prestigous groups including:

The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce

The Better Business Breau



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We are proud to recognize the team here, not only for their customer service but for the high-quality product they provide. They consistently deliver high-quality pallets in a timely manner and their new construction capabilities are bringing down costs while maintaining the best products on the market.

The team has always worked to build a product that is superior to competitors, with advanced quality assurance, discarding all poor quality boards, and with a focus on all in-house production. They are truly a locally build and shipped product supplying markets in New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, OKC, and more.


We have worked with them in the past on some projects, check them out here!

From one Jacksonville Business to another, we want to salute you for the amazing products you produce and the great job that you do for our community!

If you are in need of lumber products, heat-treated wood, or anything else related to pallets, be sure to check out Arrington Lumber and Pallet!

Full Disclosure, iSignShop is not associated with Arrington Lumber & Pallet Co. or any of their brands, we were not paid to write this post. We just wanted to share with you information about these great East Texas companies like them.


Arrington Lumber & Pallet Co
445 Co Rd. 1538, Jacksonville, Texas 75766

Toll Free Phone: 903-586-4070
Fax: 903-586-5242
Email: na


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